We have had so many people ask for the return of Trivia on Thursday Nights, but others love it on Tuesday. Since we have always tried to make everyone happy at the Nail, we are keeping Trivia on Tuesday AND adding Game Night on Thursday's which will be a wild combination of 5 Events: Trivia(with Game show buzzers!), Family Feud, Pictionary, Name that Tune(again you will get to play with a buzzer,) and the return of Booz'n Bingo!!! And yes we will have the famous Physical Challenges and Smart-Phone-Shout-Outs in between each round just like Tuesday Trivia. So grab your team of 3-5 friends and make the Nail your new Thursday Night Tradition. Your host will be Jesse "The Brain" Chicco. The winning team of each event will win a round of shots and over-all Champion and second place teams will win Gift Cards! Dont forget to come early if you can to support our weekly Cheers For Charity. 20% of Sales between 4-8 go to that week's designated Non-Profit. Check our website to find out who we are supporting that week.